Getting started

When you start as a Novus Customer, you have a 15% discount from the recommended retail price of all Forever’s products as well as the opportunity of selling to others. You buy Forever’s products directly from the company at the Novus Customer Price, and can then sell them at the recommended retail price, leaving you with the profit.

You can also choose to move through the Marketing Plan. By qualifying at each step, you receive a reward from Forever in the shape of an increasing monthly rebate, referred to as a bonus. Each step on the Marketing Plan is achieved and measured in Case Credits (or CCs), a Forever worldwide system used to define a value for each product.

The step following Novus Customer is called Assistant Supervisor, which you qualify for by having a turnover of at least 2CCs within a maximum period of any two consecutive months. However, most Novus Customers choose to achieve this by buying a Business Owner Box, a combination of the most popular product lines, at a reduced special price, and complete with a free business-building pack of literature and training material.

Indeed, the vast majority of people wishing to build a business with Forever start by simply registering and buying the Business Owner Box.

Once you are an Assistant Supervisor, you will be entitled to buy products from Forever at the standard Wholesale Price of 30% below the recommended retail price, and receive a bonus rebate of 5% (ex VAT). It doesn’t matter if you use the products yourself or you sell them. The bonus will always come to you.


As an Assistant Supervisor, you have the right to sponsor (introduce)Novus Customers and show them how to build their business, receiving a bonus of 5% on the recommended price (ex VAT) of all the products they buy from Forever. When the productivity of you and your team results in a total turnover of 25CCs within a period of any two consecutive months, you have reached the next level of the Marketing Plan, Supervisor.

As a Supervisor, your own bonus rebate has increased to 8%, and the company also pays you a 3% team-building bonus for helping Assistant Supervisors with their businesses, and 8% on your Novus Customers. In the beginning, this doesn’t amount to much, possibly €240 - €360 a month, but perseverance and patience allow this monthly amount to grow. Furthermore, you are now on course to achieve the next level of the Marketing Plan, Assistant Manager, requiring a turnover of 75CCs within any two consecutive months, from you and the ones you are helping.

Time and commitment

Being an Assistant Manager, you are well on your way in learning how to be an effective leader. Your own bonus rebate increases yet again to 13% and you receive increased bonus percentages of 5% - 13% from the company for coaching and educating the people of your group. Sometimes, your income at this stage can be quite modest, typically €600 - €800 a month, but in principle, you are investing your time and commitment to lay down firm foundations for what has yet to come. This is not unlike what happens in setting up a traditional, independent business, except that in a traditional business, you would normally have to invest a significant amount of money ‘hoping’ for a profit.

In Forever, you don’t invest a lot of money and you typically don’t have to spend more than a couple of years working part-time, until you are able to quit your job and live on the Forever business if you want to.

For most people, this will require reaching the Manager level, achieved when you and your group have a total of 120CCs within any two consecutive months. Your personal bonus rebate again rises, this time to 18% on your own purchases and with yet more additional bonus of 5% - 18% for helping others to success, typically yielding €960 - €1800 a month.

Your most important task

Manager is a very important and rewarding step in the Marketing Plan. Managers continue to build their businesses, but can also focus on helping others to also achieve the Manager position. For this, you are rewarded by the company with bonus override income percentages of 2% - 6% on those Manager businesses.

These bonus override incomes can typically yield €30,000 - €120,000 or more, even tens of thousands a month.

When you help others to become Managers, you will be recognised as Senior Manager (2 personally introduced and developed Managers), Soaring Manager (5 Managers), Sapphire Manager (9 Managers), with bonus override percentages of 3% - 7%, Diamond Sapphire Manager (17 Managers), and another increase in bonus override percentages of 4% - 8%, Diamond Manager (25 Managers), with yet more percentages of 5% - 9%, and so on.

These methods of earning provide a vehicle to a semi-passive and secure walk-away retirement income.